One day Venice could by submerged by the sea, so explains the teacher at school. At night, Marco dreams of visiting - guided by a mermaid - the enchanted city at the bottom of the sea.

When he wakes up a nice surprise will remind him about the promise he made to the children and the mermaid he met in his dream.


thumb 14 Max Palla CopertinaA wonderful story by the Czech illustrator and author, Štěpán Zavřel, that tells children about Venice, its past and its future, a story flowing between dream and reality.

Autore: Štěpán Zavřel
Illustratore: Štěpán Zavřel
Pagine: 40
Legatura: copertina cartonata
Età: da 4 anni
Formato: 20x29 cm
ISBN: 978-88-32137-30-9
Prezzo: euro 16,50